Monday, April 18, 2011

Beer Glasses

Let's face it. Everyone likes to drink beer. And if you say you don't like beer, i want you to adhere to the following directions.
1. Quit drinking Bud light, Miller Light, or Coors Light.
2. Review step 1 and be sure you are following the above directions.
3. Buy some decent microbrew, Dogfishead, Troegs, Yards, etc..
4. Enjoy beer for the first time.

And if you are going to drink good beer, you need something to drink it out of. And the best thing to drink it out of is a glass. Everyone has beer glasses, not to be confused with beer goggles. But my question is, how do you get your glass?

The best glasses to drink beers out of are at the bars. You can get specific brewery glasses, oftentimes in styles not available to the average consumer at say, Walmart. And the big boys, (Miller, Coors, Bud) often make glasses with sports teams logos on them. So how do you get these awesome glasses?


Steal them.

And if you are a beer drinker, go ahead and admit it. At some time or another, you've stolen a glass or 7. We all have.


  1. Bear is awesome where I live :) and also it's cheaper than water (seriously)

  2. biboa, do you live in Europe?

    When I visited Europe I couldn't believe the price of alcohol.

  3. @Brilliantlz Written well it might be expensive but superior! :D
    and yeah I'm beer drinker

  4. I'm a big fan of blue moon.

  5. I have a nice collection of 19 Pint glasses, each a different brand of beer/cider!