Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Purses vs. Wallets

Does anybody know why women, who in all other facets of their life are generally clean, have chaotic horrible things attached to their arms called purses? Whereas men, who are generally seen as messier in every facet of their life, have wallets, which are usually clean?

I only ask this question as a person who works at a CVS/Pharmacy and sees hundreds of people a day getting rung up. And when women dig in their purse, and can never find what they are looking for, I always wonder. Is this a woman's one little indulgence? One place where she doesn't have to take care of everything and keep things in perfect order? I mean, they have so much stuff in there!

And men, we men carry just the basics in our wallets. They are usually small, clean, and neat. And we don't spend hours digging through our stuff, looking for exact change. We know right away if we have it or not.

Not really sure where I'm going with this is, it's just a random observation. But tell me, am i right? Is it really just a place a woman doesn't care about? Or is it a defense mechanism, a messy purse thereby rendering it impossible for a thief to find anything of value in the purse.


  1. we dont need all the shit they carry around with them. guess its easier.

  2. I, personally, like keeping it simple