Thursday, April 7, 2011


I realized today that I am quite frankly afraid of heights. It seems that this fear is directly related to my relative height as well. As a young kid, I remember racing my neighbor up the blue spruce in my side yard to see who could get higher. We could both make it up about 20 feet of tree in roughly 3 or 4 minutes. Not bad for 9 year olds.

But now, when I climb a ladder at work, I climb this:

But I feel like I'm climbing this:

I realize this is silly, but today at work, as I was trying to change a light bulb in a ceiling fixture. I started sweating, and I felt like I was about to fall. I almost dropped a fluorescent ligh(apparently a bad thing) and I managed to put in the new lightbulb.

I just wish I knew why this fear started to manifest itself recently. Ahh well, can't win em all.


  1. that second one looks like endless

  2. I'm 5'10 and scared of heights :( lol